I am all about the mixed feelings at the moment.

I am currently in the Solomon Islands for work…. but this will be my last trip to the Solomons : ( It is actually a good thing and I should be happier – but like I say, mixed feelings!

It is a good thing because it was just killing me managing the program both here in the Solomon Islands and also on the Thai Burma Border. They are both very big programs and very important. Here it is a huge national network for community learning (adult learning programs) which is community based and lead and much much needed. On the border it is a range of programs for refugees and migrant workers with a mix of health programs, education (for children and adults), womens rights and empowerment, refugee worker community education, etc etc. It is huge.

The programs are both so big and demanded a lot of my time and attention – last year I spent about 5 months or more away from home, which is great… except that I love Husbot and Indai and missed them both so much. Also my health was suffering.

So when the Thai Burma Border program grew again at the end of last year (because of a lot of hard work from my partners and me) it was time to make the decision. And the decision was that I could no longer do both : (

So now I am handing over to a colleague who I believe will be great and handle the programs well. But it is so sad to say goodbye to the team here. So hard to let the project go. It is one of the most dynamic and exciting projects I have ever worked on, and I am not sure I will get this opportunity again.

But anyway I am here now, starting to say good bye to people. Starting to let go of this place : ( it is very very hard.

I have mixed feelings about other things too – but maybe I will make a different post about that….

thanks for listening!! Z