On the day I flew out of the North of Thailand a magnitude 7 earthquake struck the Thai Burma Border. Up high past Mae Sai in Thailand right near Tachileik on the Burma side.

I am so sad for the people who are experiencing this terrible tradgedy. They already have to suffer so much and now there is this.

I am still waiting to hear back from all the people I work with in the area. My main partners are ok, but the communities they work with are directly effected and they are reporting back to me what people are going through;

  • people are very frightened and were still feeling aftershocks on Friday
  • people were weary as they were too afraid to sleep
  • there were reports that small towns were running out of coffins for the dead

But mostly the reports were that the communities were helping and supporting each other. These are very reslient folk.

I will post more if the aid organisation I work for is asked to help more and if we do an appeal. It is very hard for people to contact those in the area and get the news of what is needed out.

for those who are dead and injured, safe passage through the bardo.

with metta, Zoe