I love the dogs in Thailand… yes even the toughies and the maingies.

All they need is love!

My Indai is a rescue dog, we picked her up from the pound after finding her on Beagle rescue anyway those pound days are long gone for her and she is now our fur baby and Princess dog – with everything she ever wants.

I wish the same could be said for doggies in Thailand. A friend of mine has started a facebook page for Benny the streetdog, he is an excellent dog down in Mae Sot with personality and charm that money cant buy! The facebook page keeps tabs on the goings on of Benny and his friends Udders and Jet.

You can friend Benny the Street Dog and follow their adventures too : )

I saw an awsome dog the other day. She hopped on my tuk tuk and took a ride with me, it was great!

nothing like the wind in your fur!

hold on around the corners!

and then the cute little doggie let me pat her on her head aaawww : )

aww whose a pretty girl then!