So, Instead of going away we stayed at home and did….. HOUSEWORK!!!! Yay!!! I know that sounds weird but I was so happy. We cleaned out the garage and also some cupboards that have been chock full of stuff (read C*R*A*P) since we moved into the house nearly two years ago. It took two days but felt great to get rid of stuff. So now we have some SPACE! And more importantly things are organized so you can actually find things : )

Do you think Husbot was as happy about this as me? No. He was not. Hahahaha but anyway it was important to do so I love that he just sucked it up and got on with it.

We did other stuff too. Like we spent some time decorating the room that will be the playroom for our future children. It is looking pretty good now but it is not yet finished so I am not ready for a ‘room reveal’ hehehe but hopefully soon.

I also did some more sewing and made these Beetle Bugs… I think they are pretty cute : )

they say 'hurry up and make us!'


buzzz buzzz

Our big project for this year is to renovate our house. Yay!! As I said we have been in the house for nearly two years and it really is time to get on with it. We know what we want to do. We just have to find the builders etc and get on with it. I mean it is nice to make beetle bugs and everything but there are bigger fish to fry!

I have told Husbot that we are now in a hurry, because there were 19 allocations (matches of children to families) in 2010 from the Thai program all across Australia (HUGE YAY!!). So things look like they are moving along and we could be in for a much shorter wait then predicted last year (we hope! We hope!!) and we need to get our house ready for our future babies they could come any time! Hahahaha ….. now I am really being delusional : )