So… I am back to work now… can you tell? I am blogging again! hahaha

Anyway I thought I would do a quick post about the holidays. Husbot and I had between Christmas and New Years off from work because our organisations both shut down for that week so we had a lovely break. We just stayed at home this year, which was SO nice. Husbot’s family lives interstate so usually we travel to see them but I just could NOT get on another plane in 2010 since I had done 4 trips to the Solomon Islands, 1 to Vanuatu, 2 to Thailand, 2 to Cambodia and 1 to Laos for work. So… it was enough, anyway we will see them all at a wedding in a couple of months so that will be lovely : )

Anyway we had a nice Christmas. Indai must have been a good girl because santa stoped and gave her a new collar and a new monkey toy;

Indai and monkey

she loves monkey so much she sleeps with it

I made presents for my baby friends and for lovely Little Z (who at 14 months was really able to understand and enjoy Christmas). Little Z got a white bunny, gray bunny and bear and also a red and white Stripe Dog.

Which is the new toy I made, I think they are funny (they are supposed to be funny looking – if you are wondering). I made 5 red and white ones and 3 blue and white ones and now they are all gone… exept one red and white one for my future baby xxx

I recycled an old jumper for the red and white ones

making red ones

making blue ones

when they were finished they were so funny looking! I loved it : )

It seemed like they were thinking stuff. Like I dont think the red ones knew I was making blue ones so at first they were surprised…

But then they decided to be friends : )

happy days!