This year I was really touched by the artistry in this videoclip – it is just so beautiful. I love the song too… Firekites ‘Autum Story’ …

I will be so thrilled if my children are artistic or musical. I really love music and art, but I am not one who was blessed with the skills!

Other then this song here are some others that I loved this year:

Modest Mouse released this song on the album We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank in 2007, But this year I think it must have been the most played on my ipod – such a great song;

I also listened to Lisa Mitchel’s  Love Letter a LOT. Again it was not released this year – but it was significant for me…

Can you tell I spent a lot of time traveling this year and missing my family? : )

anyway they are beautiful songs and were really significant for me.

Also everything that Florence and the Machine put out – some days I had to listen to Florence just to be happy enough to get out of bed! hahahahaha : )

Not a favorite band of mine or anything – but I thought this was a great film clip – love the kids in it. They give it so much heart! (Temper Trap, Love Lost)

– love when the girls come in – makes me laugh!

Anyway these are my songs of the year – enjoy!