hhhmmm so this morning when I woke up I was awash with this overwhelming feeling about our future children.

I know everyone must get this while the are waiting so I am posting about it to see later if it comes true : )

I just felt that they were much closer now, that something had changed. I felt that there were two baby girls very very close to us and that this time next year we would see their faces…. (maybe in a picture… maybe in real life???)

This would mean that ours would be quite a quick allocation so I just can’t see how it will come true but you know when you dream things and feel things and they just seem so sure. It seems wrong to doubt it. Or at least it seam wrong to just completly ignore it.

Earlier this year I was in the Solomon Islands – it was January 22 or 23 and I had this dream…

In my dream there was a man, a Thai man. He was feeling frustraited and sick of dealing with paperwork – even though he was in the public service. A pile of files gets dumped on his desk and he just feels down. Then he picks up one and reads it – and he remembers these two girls whose mother he has interviewed, she is relinquishing them for adoption. He remembers the girls because he thinks they are perfect for the couple in the file he just picks up – there is something about them all, he knows they are ment to be a family.

So even though the file is supposed to wait a while and collect some dust while he does some ‘processes’ etc he thinks ‘what the hell’ and he decides to match them as a family.

The call comes -everyone is surprised by how quickly it is all happening. The couple prepaire to go to Thailand and next thing they are in a room when some women come into the room with a baby girl in their arms – the man is sitting in the room too. They give the girl to the couple and it is all very lovely but the woman knows something is not complete.

I look at the man and we both say at the same time ‘But… her sister” he says “where is her sister?” the women look confused but he insists – ‘where is her sister?” he checks her file again and confirms… yes, there is supposed to be a sister here.

So he tells me to come with him and we go to the back where there is an orphanage, we walk around until we reach a crib and sitting in the crib is a little girl. She sees me and smiles and instantly throws her arms in the air to be lifted out of the crib – which is exactly what I do!

And then I woke up.

After this dream I just knew that we had to change our file to include a sibling. So when I got back to Australia I tried to do this but we could not get approved for siblings, but we could get approved for twins – so we have applied for either sex single or twins.

But after this morning I really feel that my children will come to us together…. again, feelings and dreams… we will see

I don’t know why both times it has been such a strong feeling that it will be girls (plural). I don’t know why I think/feel/dream any of it. I tell myself it is probably just wishful thinking – that my subconscious is just playing tricks on me. hhhhhmmmm maybe.