so this week in Thailand I met a friend who previously I had only corresponded with via email and she is…. the first real life person I have met who has adopted a Thai child…. wow!

All my other contacts are virtual… lovely but not face to face. The face to face ones I know have adopted through other programs (China and the Pacific) as expats or through other country programs.

It has been a long and hard road for this mother – and since she has only had her little boy in her care for 2 months she is not through the long and hard part yet! Still very much at the getting to know each other – getting to love each other – figuring it all out stage. She is amazing, because she is doing it as a single mum – I can’t imagine it. I can’t imagine figuring out the process and negotiating the years of waiting on my own let alone trying to parent on my own – but she is just taking it all in. And being VERY REAL about how things are. It was good to hear.

I did not meet her little boy because he was at school. Yes that is right school. He was in institutional care for 4 years waiting for the system to match him with his Mum.While she was waiting for more then 2.5 years…. so they could have been together more then 2 years ago when he was 2 or 3 not 5, what difference that would have made to their lives will never be known now.

Anyway for me it was both inspirational yes and also an experience that brought me down to earth because it made me realise that yes there is an end… you do get there in the end… and yes reality is intense.

For all of us waiting peeps my friend had advice… don’t waste your waiting time – do all the things you have always wanted to do now, because the family you dream about eventually does come and then they are 100% of your time. It seems obvious but it is good to get a reminder isnt it : )