So, yesterday was Husbot and my 3 year wedding anniversary. It is also the anniversary of 6 years since we met! Wow how time flies.  I would have posted yesterday but I was too busy being swept away by the romance… hahahaha!

It was a bit romantic actually because this is the first year that we have actually remembered it and celebrated hehehe! The first year we both just forgot until my mum called to say ‘happy anniversary what have you guys got planned?” … “um….well…” – at least we both forgot I guess. The second year I was in the Solomon Islands, actually I was arriving home from the Solomons on the day. At a staff meeting weeks before we were doing our usual who is going to be where/when thing when I said my Solomon trip dates my boss was like “but that is your wedding anniversary!!” …. “oh…. thanks boss” but the trip was booked so. At least Husbot and I got to have a kiss at 11pm when I arrived back in Sydney and say happy wedding anniversary to each other : )

So this year we remembered which was an achievement in itself!

I think we are not romantic but I am not sure that this is true. I mean sure we do not ‘wine and dine’ each other but I tell Husbot I love him all day. We really never fight. We do small things all the time to make sure each other knows that we care. So yeah, it is not big gesture romance. But I think it is true romance.

There is not one single doubt in my body that I am with the right man. I love him and it has been an unshakeable love since about 3 weeks after we met. (For about 3 weeks I was trying to tell myself that it would just be a short term thing… then the realisation that I loved him and that I would marry him hit me like a tone of bricks one night and I just knew I would be with him forever). I do not doubt he feels the same way.

Anyway it was nice to have a special dinner at home last night. We both hoped it would be our last wedding anniversary just as the two of us – but we know we probably have a few more to celebrate before there is another family member with us : )

I told Husbot immediately after I realised I was in love with him that I would never be pregnant and that we would be adopting. He was absolutely ok with it. He said he did not want to ‘have biological kids’ and had thought that meant he would not be a father and had not thought of adoption so – he was totally on board. Yet another sign we are meant to be : )

Anyway I miss-read adoption the paperwork initially and I thought it said that you had to be married or in a de-facto relationship for 3 years before you could apply. So I waited until we could prove absolutely and officially that were de-facto for 2 years and married for 1 year to apply…. then realised it said you had to be in said relationship for 3 years when your child comes into your care!!! So Husbot and I could have applied the day after we met and with the waiting times the way they are we would have been assured to be well within this criteria!! I felt pretty stupid for getting that first part wrong.

Oh well, it is all ok now. We are through the Australian process, we are waiting in Thailand. The freeze seems to have given the Thai authorities the space they need to make some more matches! So we can just be positive for the future.

3 years ago