So there has been exciting news here in my state – two families matched with their children and have received their magic phone calls in the month of September!! How exciting! There was also another family matched in another state in September. Love and hugs to those families!!

So I just feel so good that things are moving and people are being matched after months and months (over 2 years – nearly 3) of waiting. Last year there was 1 match in our state in the whole year… this year there have been 6 already!

I know some people who are still waiting and who have waited longer then some of the matched families. My heart goes out to you – but I feel that your magic phone call must be getting closer!

As for us, we are now the 20th family from our state who has a file waiting in Thailand – but matches do not happen in order so that does not mean much. Still, I have told Husbot that we have to get on with our renovation now so that we are ready for our magic phone call… in case it is closer then the 3 years we have been mentally preparing for!

So… over the long weekend I made use of the sewing machine I had been given for my birthday. Some of these are for our niece Little Z’s 1st birthday at the end of the month…. Some of them : )

Indai checks out the sewing machine

the inspiration & the goal - bunnies and bears!

the beginings

coming allong - those tiny dresses are hard to make! : (

finished!! Do we look like the book?

omg they multiplied!! damn bunnies!! hahaha - the next day's efforts : )

now they just need a little person to love them : )