long time no post…. work has been soooo busy. I have things to post about from the past couple of weeks in Laos and Cambodia and hopefully I will have time to look through my photos and get my thoughts down.

But, today is my birthday – turning 33. yay? yawn? hahahaha

I kind of feel like birthdays are not a big deal the older you get, but still it makes you think about things. Like it is almost two years (it will be two years next month) since we officially started the adoption process here in Australia.  When we were told about the process back then the time frames were not as long. About 9 months to get approved in Australia (it took 18 months) and then an average 18 month wait in Thailand (it is now a 33 month average).

By the original timing estimates I would have been a Mummy sometime early next year (2011) so within this my 33rd year. But by the timing now… I will be lucky to be a Mummy by the time I am 35!

This really makes me a little bit sad : ( but I know that this is just the way the cookie crumbles and I will have to just roll with it!

All I can do is hope that this freeze means that the Thai Department of Social Services is given the space they need to make allocations quicker. So that all the children waiting for families to love them are not delayed by process/ bureacracy : ) that would be my birthday wish!