Aaaaaaaa…… 5 days holiday! What a lovely thing… aside from missing my sleepy family terribly it has been so divine to be in Laos, lovely Laos.

I spent some time unwinding. Some time with some beautiful relics of my faith. Some precious time with a wonderful friend. And slowly regained a sense of youthful adventure.

Laos has been on my list to travel too, ever since I knew of its existence in the world (perhaps when I first looked at an atlas or saw a documentary). It seems strange to me that in my work and travels, time, money and circumstances had never allowed me to come here before. But this was the year, I am here now and it has been worth the wait.

These boys were trying to make a see-saw with a pile of dirt and a plank…

My prediction? It will end in tears.

Now the holiday is over and it is time to focus on the HIV program workshop, which will be more interesting I am sure!