I am in Laos now or Lao PDR to be more correct, and while it is not a contest it is kind of interesting to think about the different ways of missing your family.

I miss Husbot intensely. I begin to miss him even before I leave. He does not understand that but I just become so acutely aware of how nice the ‘little things’ are before I leave. Like dinner with him, watching telly, cuddles etc and I am so aware of how lonely it is in endless hotel rooms are. Even if I am meeting up with colleagues and friends, which I am doing in Laos it still is lonely.

I love him so much and really I wish that he could come with me on all my trips! He has come once or twice to do some work things with me and IT WAS SO LOVELY! That I want it to happen every time : ). I just spend so much time on my own – as does he. And while I love my job and I love the travel it is exhausting – it would be easier to do it if I did not also love my husband! Hehehehe! But I do love him.

This time I am actually here a few days ahead of work, because I have never been to Laos before and I have always wanted to come. So I have taken some leave owed to me and I am having a few days off before our evaluation/workshop on HIV next week. So I am doing sightseeing all by myself : ( which makes me miss him more.

But at least I can talk to him. We talk at least once a week while I am away, we email, we text. He knows where I am, what I am doing and why I am there and it is important to me (and to him). But Indai does not have that privilege.

Poor Indai, her mummy just disappears and she does not know for how long or where I am or when I will be back. We can’t talk while I am away (obviously… because she is a dog) and she is not as smart as some dogs out there who have there own blogs (ahem…Punkin… ) so I miss her SO much while I am away and I feel so bad about it.

She has her daddy and also visits my parents (her grandparents) and has play dates with her BFF (Nanook) so I know she is loved and cared for and happy while I am away. But I also know that she misses me and there is no way I can ever explain to her properly what is going on.

At least she has the wonderful dog ability to be quick to recover and forgive mummy (if she is upset by my going away) never holds a grudge.

Anyway… I miss them both and love them both! xxx to Indai and my darling husband!