Babies babies babies!! It is all I can think about today (well everyday if I am being totally honest).

I LOVE my work and I find it inspiring and fulfilling – more so of course when I am actually visiting the projects and less so when I am doing the ‘grunt’ work (at a desk in Sydney) but I want to be doing different things!!!!! Namely – being a Mummy to my babies!!!I can’t wait to take my parental leave (which now thanks to a recent change in Australian legislation) will allow me – combined with my work maternity/adoption leave 54 weeks of leave with access to payment. I wonder endlessly what it will be like to go from this job which is very busy, with lots of travel overseas and many projects with competing needs to staying at home day in and day out, caring for one project (my child, my family!). I think it will be just as fulfilling and interesting, probably more challenges  – plus the bonus of love!

I really need to work on my patience because statistically I am in for a loooong wait. Here in Australia some families are getting past 40 months of waiting – I just don’t know how they are doing it. I hope SO much that their phone’s ring today and their allocations come! Please please can the Thai Department of Social Welfare start matching their lovely babies with Aussie families : )

I have a friend who is a Thai Doctor, his mother volunteers with the Department of Social Welfare and when he told her how long the wait times were for families in Australia she was shocked – she said there are so many children in state care – and definitely more going into state care then leaving state care! I feel SO sad for any child who is languishing in state care when there are families here with their hearts bursting – they are so keen to love them.

Even though our file has only been overseas for a short time compared to others we have already been a part of the process for so long (I can’t figure out how to do a time line!) we first sent our expression of interest in Oct 2008. So 19 months of ‘officially’ dreaming – and of course years of dreaming before that!Anyway, some days will be harder to wait then others – today is just a toughie.

I just hope to hear about some more allocations soon, that might make me hopeful. There are 24 families in my state whose dossier has been sent to Thailand before mine and Husbots – plus all the ones in other states! I know it is not like there is actually a ‘queue’ because the children are matched to families (not just next in line) but I hope that those who have been waiting for SUCH a long time are matched soon… for their own happiness and peace of mind. I will just keep trying to get those obsticles removed.

 Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha