So. One thing I have found really helpful is to read the blogs of adoptive parents who have been to Thailand and returned with their lovely children. Mostly these are from my American blogger friends (well we have never met but I feel like we are friends)… But it is SO helpful because people blog in detail about the process, what they pack, what was useful, how they dealt with the emotional challenges, how they helped their new bub deal with their huge emotional upheaval and so forth.

But! I can’t find an Australian blogger who has been through the Thai process and has blogged about it! Are you out there? I know that the wait for Australian families has been very very long – some families are waiting 40 months and more and still have not recieved an allocation!!  So maybe that is why there is no Aussie homecoming bloggers : ( – or maybe I just have not found their blogs yet.

It is just that I think the whole process for Australian’s is quite different, because our files are with the Thai Department of Social Services rather then an agency like Holts. It seems to take Australian families longer to be allocated but then I think the wait between allocation and placement is shorter (? is that right?) which seems to be months and months for families in the USA. But maybe it is the same for USA and Aussie families – I don’t really know. And the information we recieved when our dossier was transfered to Thailand simply said we would not be hearing from them until we recieved our referal or until our file needed to be renewed (in 2 years) – which ever came first!

So if you know of a blog on their topic or your blog has your referal, placement and homecoming then please let me know! I would love to hear about it.