Indai has a BFF (Best Friend Forever) it is her cousin/brother Nanook – my brother and his partner’s dog. They love each other and they love to hang out and do things together;

Indai (bottom Left) and Nanook (her BFF)

Last year Nookie became a Furry Big Brother at exactly the same time as Husbot and I became an Uncle and Aunty! His non-furry little sister (let’s call her little Z) is pretty cute and so far he has been stepping up and performing his FBB duties really well. These include;

  • Not knocking down little Z
  • A strange mix of looking out for little Z and ignoring little Z
  • Not barking too much when little Z is napping
  • Letting little Z ‘pat’ him (which is kind of like whacking him) : (
  • Entertaining little Z by playing with Indai in funny ways
  • Being attentive when little Z is eating and cleaning up after her!

I am sure there are other things on his list too….

"lets teach little Z to swim one day!"

"totally, we are AWESOME swimmers"

Anyway Husbot thinks I am silly but I think that Indai is a bit jealous! When we visit she always comes home with a look that says to me “where is our little Z?” aawww

Also she always wants to participate in the Green Tara practice we do. She comes with me to light the incense and listens to the mantras and then we sit together and I read a story from one of the children’s books we have.

This is the practice I have begun as part of ‘creating a welcoming environment’ in our home. I wanted our home to start feeling ready for our future family and I did not want it to just be about material ‘things’ after we did the Green Tara puja it was suggested that we move part of our household shrine from its normal room into the (future) babies room so that I sit in the space and concentrate the energy in there. So interestingly Indai likes to come in there with me too. Husbot does not think this is interesting but I do! I think she feels that there is something going on and that we are preparing for something and she wants to be a part of it….

Anyway I could be crazy…. For those who already have your new addition – do you think your dogs had any intuition or idea that their world was going to change?

my fur baby