I can’t believe I forgot to post about this! Our file flew away to Thailand this week!!!!

I am still in the Solomon Islands for work, but we got an email (which I read at 11pm after just getting back to the hotel from a 13 and half hour day at a workshop) but it said “your dossier has been couriered to Thailand”. – YAY!!! That sure woke me up!! I called husbot right away in Australia.

It looks like the removal of all obsticals has been working so far because the time between sending in our forms and their going to Thailand has been the quickest part of the process so far. Husbot had been giving me updates based on cheques being cleared “the Thai consulate has deposited their cheque” etc ” the translating service has deposited their cheque” etc etc but still it was quite surprising how quickly that file got itself ready, packed it’s bags and flew it’s way over to Thailand! Thank you my dear friend Green Tara – praise to you!

So that means that from now on it REALLY is just a waiting game. A long waiting game that will teach me patience to be sure. Thanks to all the family and friends who have helped us through the process this far, we started in October 2008, so it has taken 19 months to get to here.

Still it is so nice to feel one step closer to my future children, whomever they are and wherever they are now.