Mi Go Long Solomons! – Thats Solomon’s Pijin for “Where me now?”… ” I am in the Solomon Islands!”

Why? The because the other part of my work responsibilities are in the Pacific and our biggest project is in the Solomon Islands. Which is a really interesting place.

I don’t have a powerful connection to the Solomon Islands as I do in Thailand and other parts of Asia such as Tibet and Tibetan communities living in India and Nepal. In fact I find sometimes when I am here I have very strange emotional experiences. I feel the highs and lows in extreemes.

When the project is going well it is SO inspiring and fantastic that I think it could be the best project ever. But other times, when things might be a bit rocky (and all community projects get a bit rocky at times) then the lows are really devistating.

Other then the work I have emotional extreemes in other areas too. Like while I have been here I have had some really strong dreams about my future family. Dreams that feel so real that you wake up and have to check yourself. And in fact make you sure that you need to push for a certain kind of future…. it is strange.

Here in Solomons children/babies are called ‘Pikinini’ and I think it is the cuttest word! and the most appropriate  word for babies! Especially Solomons babies because they are SOOOO cute!! With their lovely brown eyes and their wild afro’s in either brown or blonde. I get asked all the time “Yu got any Pikinini?” and I have to say “Mi no got any Pikinini yet” : ( …..

little Pikinini and his old grand-dad