Green Tara

Last Saturday Husbot and I underwent a very important spiritual cleansing.  Geshe Sampton and Yeshe-La helped us in our adoption journey by performing a 2 hour Green Tara puja for Husbot and I.

Green Tara is very skilled at the removal of all obstacles and so Geshe-la thought it would help us to do this ritual to purify Husbot and I and also to remove any obstacle between our beautiful future babies and ourselves. I am also including Green Tara mantras in my daily practice from now on. Traditionally a lot of couples would do this puja to assist with fertility (and other things) Geshe-la thought it would be the right thing because it is all about welcoming a child into our lives.

It was a really wonderful experience. While we were there Husbot and I were required to recite some mantras at times but mostly just to meditate on the puja and the importance of what was occurring. I was meditating on our future child/children. And at first my mind was so excited – as if it was suddenly electrified. I was getting these beautiful images of our future life but once that calmed down I just concentrated on sending out messages to our future child that we were doing all we could to ensure that even though things may seem uncertain for them now, we would be there for them in the end. A mantra came into my mind…

Baby, where ever you are, you are connected to us

Although everything around you feels uncertain and you may be surrounded by uncertainty

Know this, deep in your heart, in your very core – that you are, and you will be, protected with us.

While I was doing this Husbot was doing something really lovely, he was concentrating one all the people between us and our future children and repeating the loving-kindness mantra on them. Starting with the social workers here in Australia “May they be free from enmity, affliction and anxiety, and live happily”.  Then the people at the Thai Embassy in Australia “May they be free from enmity, affliction and anxiety, and live happily”, then the people who will receive our file in Thailand “May they be free from enmity, affliction and anxiety, and live happily” etc etc… All the people he could think of in the process.It was a lovely day and I believe a really important thing to do on this journey to our family.