So, here I am, blogging. I have been thinking about writing a blog for about a year but obviously it was not an easy decision for me. Why? Just privacy. HusBot is very private and did not want me to talk about him on my blog (hence using the name HusBot instead of his name). I also have some reservations about making our private lives public.

But on the other hand – I read peoples blogs, in particular I read blogs by people who are in the adoption community, some who are waiting, some who already have their families, some from Australia some from the US and other places and I think I am benefiting from this on line community – but not contributing to it. And that hardly seems fair.

So HusBot and I began the process to adopt in October 2008 (expression of interest) and we were approved through the Australian process in April of this year. Making the application and approval process here in Australia 18 months exactly. But it is really nice to have the piece of paper saying “you were approved as eligible and suitable to adopt a child” ! so now we have sent our file to Community Services to be sent to Thailand and then wait…. And wait…. And wait some more! Currently the wait time is about 33 months which sounds like a lifetime to me.

So, here I am. Hopefully my posts will be more interesting as we go along. They will not solely be about adoption because I am involved in a range of other things so you can expect a fair amount of personal commentary and politics as well. And probably stories of my goofy dog too.